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Evangelism & Church

Through training and supporting indigenous leaders, planning strategic evangelistic campaigns and church launches, and helping to facilitate church growth and multiplication, we plant churches globally.

Freedom for Addicts

Global Renewal has partnered with Global Teen Challenge to see countless addicts find freedom all over the world! If you know anyone who is struggling with addiction, please give them this phone number and tell them to call us as soon as they are ready to get help: (717) 386-3846.

Rescuing Children

 At Global Renewal we are passionate about caring for those who cannot care for themselves. That is why we have started the Global Rescue Initiative. Together with our international partners, we work to rescue children who are trapped in poverty, addiction, and sexual exploitation. .


Global Renewal exists to change the world through boldly proclaiming the Gospel, planting new churches, and bringing freedom to those who are in bondage.

A vision for the masses, a heart for the one.

About US

Global Renewal Incorporated is a 501(c)3 international organization that is dedicated to preaching the Gospel, establishing new churches, rescuing children, and helping addicts find freedom. By training and supporting young leaders and holding evangelistic campaigns, Global Renewal is able to effectively empower new pastors and plant multipliable churches internationally.
Founded by Jesse and Kay Owens in 1998, Global Renewal exists to bring the life changing power of the Gospel to those who need it most. Jesse and Kay travelled to over 100 countries in 20 years, preaching the Gospel and planting churches and Teen Challenge Centers before passing the ministry on to Jesse and Hilary Comrie in 201